Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Different aspects

I was away on the weekend, I went exploring, walking through wildness just me and my camera and my thoughts turned to you... it is only in the last few months that we did things like that. We went to the zoo, a walk over the rocks at Bondi... most of our times were spent alone and inside, the few times we ventured out I did enjoy.

I believe that we could have had it all...
a relationship that was amazing when we were alone but also when we were in a crowd or with friends.
a relationship where we knew almost everything about each other, sides that we had hidden from many others in our lives.
a relationship that continued to grow.

I still believe that is what we had but it did involve taking a chance and you were not ready to take that chance.

You are a special man, I know because I saw so many different aspects of you and though they are all different, they are all special. I also know that many of those aspects were not known to most people in your life... I hope that you find or have found someone that you allow to see all aspects, don't settle for less

 I hope to find it myself one day but it will take time to trust again... I do wish that we could have had it but it is not to be...

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