Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 13...

We spoke yesterday... It was hard because I was so torn. It was wonderful to hear your voice but it hurt as well.

We did the casual chat which at times was a little awkward but we did okay until you said that you were sorry...

Yes, I'm hurting and yes you caused that but if we are going to have any sort of friendship WE need to let it go.

I'm trying to be your friend but I'm struggling a little... I said in a text yesterday "if you want me in your life as a friend you need to at least meet me in the middle and work at it". Looking back at our relationship I now feel I gave more than you did... I'm not  having a go at you but I do feel that for us to work at any level you need to work more at it.

At the moment we are really only talking F1... It's a starting point, lets see how we go, I feel at the moment we are scared to venture too far into other subjects.

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