Monday, June 17, 2013

1 day gone...

A day has passed since you walked away and I had to let you go... I miss you.

I am respecting your decision and not contacting you... I need to be strong. Being strong sounds easy but it's not I'm struggling and feel I have no one to turn to, normally when I feel like this I turn to YOU and YOU make me feel better... even from afar.

I don't understand your decision... We work, we make each other happy, we are so good together but you are walking away from that.

I know that you had your concerns about me moving... what if it didn't work, what if I didn't like your hometown, what if I missed my hometown... all things that I had thought of but a risk I would take for us.

I know you feel that you need a break between our past and our future .. not for us but for everyone else in your life... our past is always going to be there so I don't understand this.

I am sorry about how I reacted over the weekend... but the hurt and pain took over... Sorry.

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